I recently toured Richard Ross Juvenile In Justice museum display in Reno NV.  Heart rending photos of ten and twelve year old children in America’s justice system.  So powerfully does his photographer’s eye catch the meaning of former MN Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz statement that “The difference between that poor child & a felon is about 8 years”.

Chief Justice Blatz other quote hangs with me also, “90 % of the youth in juvenile justice have come through child protection services”, reminds me of just how much trauma has been suffered by abused and neglected children & how by not helping them we pretty much guarantee a pipeline to prison and the dangerous streets & failing schools that they leave along the way.

Take a moment and page through Richard’s photos in the link above & reflect on promoting prisons as public policies and what it has wrought on our nation.

Look up Flint MI, Compton CA, St Louis MO & other dangerous American cities & think how much better those communities could be if their children grew up with the resources and coping skills that they need to live a normal life.

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