911 domestic violence call from a child witnessing abuseyoutube.com

Dr. Phil referenced this video on the reality of how domestic violence impacts a child.   In America, a child watching her mother being beaten or raped does not qualify for child protection services.

A few decades ago in Minnesota, a once progressive state, changed child protection statutes to allow children subjected to horrible domestic violence to be reported as abused (and receive some relief).

Case loads doubled overnight & the statutes were reversed before a full year had passed.

Watch this video.  It demonstrates vividly how our public policies force children to live in the most depraved and damaging circumstances.

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  1. Hello Mike,
    I run a child abuse survivor support group, and I’d like to support your site and your organization – I really, really would. But I can’t. And why can’t I? Because you, for whatever reason – you’ll have to answer that question yourself between you and your God, or you and your own conscience – constantly repeat the old VERY MISGUIDED, VERY DANGEROUS AND VERY HARMFUL TO CHILDREN prejudice that violence – particularly violence against children – is primarily committed by men.

    Now perhaps this is partly understandable on your part, because as a GAL I presume you are only seeing cases where there has been legal follow-up, and unfortunately the exact same prejudice you seem to be espousing is what prevents women from being charged for their crimes against children, and thus presents a perpetual self-reinforcing bias loop which ensures it’s predominately men who end up in the criminal justice system.

    However, allowing yourself to not only drink but also to dispense the kool-aid severely undermines your own credibility, on a subject that desperately needs public attention and intervention. Unfortunately the social services area of child safety seems to be entirely overrun by those with self-serving and ideological interests over – and more importantly against – the interests of vulnerable and abused children. And that serves to keep everyone else wary and uninvolved.

    The published figures – if child abuse ‘experts’ would only ever look at them – overwhelmingly establish that the majority of child abuse and neglect – INCLUDING CHILD MURDER – is committed by women. More importantly, it’s committed by women who by comparison to men almost entirely escape investigation, prosecution, conviction and incarceration for their horrible and horrific crimes against children.

    My group is full of survivors (both male and female) of truly horrific child abuse by women. How do you think they feel – when their own lives have been filled with horror and they struggle day after day to get by and not descend into the kinds of monsters their mothers attempted to raise them to be – when they look to subject matter experts on child abuse and constantly read NOT about issues relating to violence against children, but again and again stories about VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN as abuse of children? With the added insult to injury, btw, of using children as ‘the hook’ to bring in donations, but with NONE of the funding, or policy, or services actually GOING to the ‘children’ half of the ‘violence against womenandchildren’ marketing outreach campaign. I can tell you how they feel. They make themselves sick trying to hold in the rage against those self-identified people who are ‘professing’ to ‘help’.

    You don’t even have the grace to pretend to make this gender neutral. Your blog, I now suspect, ISN’T about protecting abused children. It’s yet again another movement looking to protect the interests of feminist-identified women. Leaving aside the horrific rates of violence against children by abusive women, women commit horrific crimes against their husbands – especially those husbands who deign to attempt to protect their own children. Surely to God, if we’re going to increase the scope of what we define as violence against children, women abusing their husbands would present AS GREAT A DANGER TO THEIR CHILDREN as husbands assaulting their wives?

  2. In our county, a child – under the age of 18 – subjected to repeatedly watching their father masturbate (to pronography, a sexy magazine, etc) in their living room, does not qualify her/him for child protective services. If it were a “stranger” it would, but not a family member.

    However, I can assure you through the eyes of the children who went through this…they are struggling with many issues as they mature through adulthood.

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