The Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN) is poised to assure that zero children await families. Assure the right of every child.

This video speaks volumes;

  • The day that I became adopted, I was forever blessed with a family to call my own. My family provided me with unconditional love, support, strength, hope and most importantly a sense of wholeness.

The story for many of Minnesota’s children is not the same…

Minnesota’s Waiting Children have birthparents who have been involved in the child protection system. Through the court system the birthparents rights have been terminated, meaning that the birthparents no longer have legal or physical custody of their children thus making them free for adoption. The State of Minnesota provides guardianship to the children through the county child protection system.

Children need adoptive families now. 
Of the 814 children under state guardianship, 335 need permanent, loving, adoptive families IMMEDIATELY Right now, children are waiting in foster homes, group homes, emergency shelters and residential treatment facilities for someone to adopt them.


    The Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN) speaks and advocates for each Minnesota child in foster care who await a family.    

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