Just like Arizona & Pennsylvania, Mississippi has found big money in abusing youth & privatizing juvenile detention centers.  A federal  judge calls what goes on in Mississippi’s youth prisons, a “cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts”.

U.S. Justice Department investigators found Mississippi’s privatized centers denying basic health care, employing gang members as guards, and sexual misconduct between staff and inmates worse than anywhere else in the nation.

The GEO group knows how to squeeze the biggest return on investment and keep the staff happy – don’t spend money on healthcare and let your employees sexually abuse the inmates (Mississippi Youth).

Pennsylvania private companies found it so lucrative that they could pay commissions to judges for every youth sentenced – thereby guaranteeing capacity crowds and big money to the investors.

And of course there is the great financial benefit of being 49th in the nation for infant mortality,

45th for child death

48th for teen death

49th for births to teen moms

50th for child poverty

48th for uninsured children

48th for child welfare expenditure

49th for overall child well being

According to Geography Matters – Child Well Being in the States

Making money; more important than children to the voters of Mississippi – frightening isn’t it?

Pass This On to Shake Things Up & Protect Mississippi Youth



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  1. I am absolutely appalled that this is happening and would like to find a way to get it brought to the public’s attention I don’t think that this is widely known. Surely we have not become so complacent that we just sit back and do nothing to help these children, they have no alternative the government has control over them and they are forced to comply. We are allowing future abusers and criminals to be created in the system which is suppose to protect and care for them.

  2. I am speechless with this article but I shouldn’t be becuase the Bible tells us the love of money is the route of all evil. They are so consumed with making money that the lives of our children no longer have value.

  3. The United States has always been of great influence as far as aiding and affecting positive changes in the lives of the world’s children but is usually too busy to see the injustice and abuse that is dished out locally to its own. While the departments that are given the task of caring for the nation’s children hand off their responsibility to private companies, it leaves me to ask who then is to be blamed for the non-monitoring of these private agencies. It is as we have become a nation of paper pushers or baton changers who are yet to anchor the future of our children in the race of life and eventual success in this race.

  4. It is really good to read some of the comments from people who see what i see and are not afraid to speak out about it. That is what helps with change. I graduated from girls homes, a foster home and survived some horrific experiences on the streets and in dealing with the system here is Los Angeles County. In a lot of cases our children are used as a commodity. Another meal ticket for, Social Workers, Juvenile Probation Officers, Parole Agents, (who hear horror stories that may and may not be true but says, “aha here’s an opportunity to take some children and make some money” not caring that some of the placements are torture chambers, I experienced this first hand especially when my children were physically and sexually abused in foster care and the complaints swept under the rug) Court Staff and especially some Foster parents. Praises to the people in those positions who are sincere about helping our children. NOW SOLUTIONS…
    http://www.streetgospelpathofhealingandlight.com DON’T FORGET THE CHILDREN

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