The ACE study over 8 years & 440,000 people proves beyond doubt, that social workers, teachers, psychologists, judges, & pediatricians can not fix the millions and millions of American children suffering from adverse childhood experience.

These youngsters will continue to fail in school & life until we as a society agree to provide resources that will end the inter-generational transmission of child abuse.  As a volunteer guardian ad-Litem, I have removed 50 children from their birth homes.

In every case, the parents suffered from serious mental health issues that caused their very young children to be molested, beaten, starved or worse.  In a country with the resources and technology we are so proud of, how is it that we can fail to implement early childhood programs to stop these abuses of the weakest and most vulnerable among us?

Failure to care for children has cost America its leading nation status in most quality of life indices and certainly, safety and trust within our communities has made living in many American cities painful and dangerous for adults as well as children.

For a real learning experience, visit the people who created the ACE study, but by all means,

Watch the short version (at the end you can view other segments).



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