As a long time volunteer guardian ad-Litem, I have witnessed too much child sex abuse.  About half of the children in my caseload had been victimized.  One as young as 2, several at 4 years of age, and most of the older children had been abused for over 3 years.

This is a violent crime that both stigmatizes and terrorizes the child and becomes the twisted fibers in the brain that become the adult.

Without extensive & professional guidance to help the child understand that he or she did not cause the abuse, is not guilty of anything, or even able to have prevented what happened,  lives are lived never saying a word or dealing with the violence & trauma that go on to impact every hour of every day.

This from the Founder of a site dedicated to fighting child sex abuse;


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Like many small towns and families, people do not like to deal with child sexual assault and child abuse, in their communities and/or in their homes.

Despite the fact, that 1 in 3 girls, and 1 in 6 boys will be abused before their eighteenth birthday; despite the fact that only 10% tell and the other 90% are still living in a cloak of denial and secracy; despite the fact that 5 children die a day, due to child abuse and child sexual assualt!

As someone who rarely asks help from anyone, I am asking you today, to commit this day to helping me fight against child abuse, against child sexual assault, and in honor of, and in memory, of all of those who have lost their lives!

Stand Up and Fight For The Cause of No More Silence, No More Abuse, No More Shame, No More Pain, Not One More Multi-Generational Legacy of Child Abuse and Child Sexual Assault!

For this Day, I stand and fight! No longer will I fight alone, but I will fight with my neighbors, my community, my fellow advocate and supporter brothers and sisters, and with friends and family, that have the GUTS and the COURAGE to say ENOUGH! We will not be silent any longer! We refuse to be silent any longer!


Connie Lee/FACSA Foundation



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  1. Hi Mike,
    I’ve heard about you, from an ‘ole acquaintance, and I finally stumbled across the Invisible Children web site, today. I could go on and on but, more pointedly, I felt compelled to comment. Your thesis and arguments RE: Child Sex Abuse — causes — I would never argue, ever. I know the pain and have seen it with my own eyes: horror, shame, and sufferings that this autrocity perpetuates upon the victim(s) and their progeny, if they do ever have children.

    I have for years and years in the halls of 12-step groups heard the horrors and traumas of this appalling legacy upon mankind. I had endless conversations with a former neighbor from Uganda, whom informed me over 13 years ago of the barbarity of Mr. Kony & kind. Finally, while visiting and travelling through SE Asia and Oceania going back 25 years in over 6 countries, sad, unnerving and compelling narratives and discussions I’ve had with: victims; NGOs; police; a few perps; and one pimp, so sad to say. This shamed me to devote energies and funds to the few organizations(then, 25yrs back) working to end the child sex-trade overseas.

    But, here at home. I still, after over 30 years in the halls of recovery witness and hear the results of child sex abuse. This matter will not go away. A sister-in-law, shortsightedly, has requested that I stop discussing — such disgusting matters. But, I won’t. The epidemic is all to present with no end appearing.

    Gratefully, I was not a victim of child sex abuse, and I came from a dysfunctional but very loving family system. However, I was a victim of an attempted murder and rape upon me, when I was a very young adult. I still survive and pray. Day by day; Day to day. My health is not the greatest, yet, I recently retired from work. May I be of some assistance.

    Jim Murphy

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