Public appetite for early childhood programs, education & mental health has proven to be far short of their obvious and growing needs.

MN owes its schools 2.4 billion dollars & the last round of budget cuts impacted children in many other ways;

Library hours & services were cut back & the waiting list for daycare & health / mental health services is by many measures profoundly out of wack (see Michael Swanson’s story) and social services are operating of budgets reduced from their already severely underfunded levels.

This article from Paul Udstrand in MN Post points out just how over the top our need for entertainment is in comparison to educating children & creating safe communities;

The subsidy being considered for the Vikings is around $700 million.

The largest public subsidy in Minnesota history was the Northwest Airlines subsidy in the mid 1990s. The NWA subsidy amounted to around $600 million. In 1992, NWA employed around 11,000 people in the state;  average salary of $40,000 a year.

The Vikings directly employ fewer than 130 people, only a handful of which work year-round, and 53 of whom are athletes.

The Metrodome employs 19 full-time workers.

Does the NFL really deserve the largest subsidy in Minnesota history?

By Paul Udstrand | 02/27/12 MINNPOST

I would add; 700 Million dollars would provide thousands of daycare workers, health and mental health services, teachers, & other desperately needed services for at risk children.

This is not a glowing example of great public policy & needs to be rethought.

Learn more about the guardian ad-Litem program in your community; Support CASA



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