What a moving experience it was for me to speak at a local Catholic high school yesterday for their social justice week.

In a society that has divided so severely since I was in school, (50’s/60’s) it was heartwarming to see concern for less fortunate children made into a weeklong event and having me deliver the Invisible Children’s message throughout the day (six sessions & well attended).

Many of these students showed empathy and understanding for the three million children reported to child protection in the U.S. each year and are likely to make better decisions for at risk children than my generation has.

Hats off to educators that do this work every day – by the sixth session this presenter was totally exhausted.  I could not do this 2 days in a row.

If there is a core meaning to all religious teaching, it is being seen this week at Cretin Durham High School in St Paul.  Thank you.


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  1. For each child that is born into this world is a gift most priceless&irreplaceble..And to think that they are ever vunerable or subject to being treated in anyway other than the true blessings that they (our children)are ment to be to us is most atrocious.. I have thought long and hard of becoming a voice for our most precious humanbeings,all i ask is where do i sign up and what wolud you have me do,i”m here..THANKS

  2. Vennetta, I have found that it takes a few tries to find the thing that suits us best that we will stay at long enough to make a difference. My only advice is to volunteer in an field that serves abused and neglected children and uses your talents. I always tell people that decisions are reversible (you can change your mind). The important thing is to look until you find that thing that feels right to you.

    I like CASA, Prevent Child Abuse, and a host of others (many listed on our site on the right hand side).

    Warm wishes,


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