This BBC report (video link) articulates the sorrowful truths that this guardian ad-Litem has reported on over the years.

It’s frightening and moving proof of the epidemic that is preventable child death in America and the fast growing army of future child abusers.

Why is it that important reporting like this are created by other nations (and not right here in America)?

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  1. I have a 3 year old boy that I hate most of the time. He has two sisters, 3 and 12. Raising the girls has been no problem for me and I like to be fair. But did you ever know a kid that came into this world “marked” for evil? I have one of those kids. He is so bad that no one else will take him..only me. He isn’t bad like a naughty siamese cat. He has an abnormal level of curiosity and a motto that he should be able to make the rules and do what he wants. Therefore, he is clever and sneaky. It has become a waste of time trying to childproof the home without installing big shelves all around the house and putting EVERYTHING up high. Locks on everything. Cameras. It’s insane. But he truly is that bad. My wife didn’t think so for the longest time until she spent more time at home. Now she is a believer. We have always been good people. But my son has made me angry all of the time and I have lost some self control.

    Blame the parents huh?

    The biggest problem resides in America and its stinking corporate culture. This wasteland has become a continent where every one is selfish. We have to fit the mold of society, else we have constant struggle. Living in America sucks for most people. If you hear someone say otherwise, they are one of the fortunates that have hefty bank accounts. Money is everything in this country. Family doesn’t matter to America. Therefore, the BUSY Americans will continue to see children as a burden. This is the country the Bible refers to as the big evil.

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