U.S. states where children are worse off than if they lived in emerging nations.


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  1. I know what this feels like, I know what it feels like to be the child scared to death of your own parents. I was beaten by my parents until i was 10 years old until I was placed in the care of my grandparents. I tried to reestablish ties with my parents when I was older and was stabbed in my arm at age 22 by my own mother in a alcoholic rage. I am now 30.
    I am not trying to put my own story up, nor am I looking for any sympathy. My heart goes out to young Ms. Williams, and all children who deal with this type of fear and abuse.
    The fear, the memories, and mental scarring that occur from this hellish treatment will far outlast the physical. That is why harsh punishments need to be in place for people like “the dishonorable and abusive Judge Adams.” Not the “I sentence you to counseling” approach. This man exacts the penalty of law for a living! He is also fully aware of his faculties. His actions were in pure anger and with intent of dominating his daughter. This “man” is trying to prove to himself and his family that he is “The boss” and “Important.”
    No household should be run by fear. That is why I urge anyone who reads this message to remove this broken shell of man from his position in office, and society.
    Whomever receives this message may post it wherever if it helps. Thank you for listening.

  2. Judge Ames needs to go to jail.
    I saw his interview making light of the horrific beating he gave this girl.
    He was putting all his weight into beating this girl.
    Now he says it has to do with her ‘stealing’.
    That wasn’t what he said in the video.
    His stating it was no big deal is even worse.
    And for the wife to say she was manipulated by him is just as bad.
    The wife is also guilty and should be in jail.
    She had an obligation to protect her child. Instead she joined in and did some of
    the beating herself.

  3. I’m shocked….these both parents need to be punished…that’s torture. Remove this psycho!! In Germany such an ill person can’t be judge….
    Greets from Germany

  4. The author’s words would carry more weight if he recognized the difference between the state of Arkansas and the municipality of of Port Aransas, in Texas.

  5. Take the old “so called” judge out of the system!!! How many people has he sentenced that didn’t do anything half as bad as he did…..??????? He is a hateful, manipulative, abusive, dishonest, and nothing but a DIRT BAG!!!! I certainly hope that he gets what’s coming to him…..wish he could be beat with a belt every hour, every day, for the rest of his life….
    (that wouldn’t make up for what he has done, but at least he would know how it feels) I always stand in amazement how officials, judges, police officers, etc. get away with all their dirty dealings…… He is trash!!! and a physco The mom should have taken up for her daughter also,,,,she is just a guilty. If I was the daughter, it sure would be hard to trust either one.
    EVER! what lame excuses for parents…… and yep you can publish this!!!

  6. physco, untrustworthy, horrible parents, needs to be punished the same way every hour -every day for the rest of their lives……that still wouldn’t be hard enough for them…..I certainly hope the daughter will be able to make it fine without them….my prayers will go out to her….the parents are dirt bags…..and the statue of limitations shouldn’t even matter here…they still did it!!! What trash!

  7. Remove this man from the bench now and revoke his license to pratice law. He can’t exercise the duties of a judge. What makes it worse is that he presides on cases involving child abuse. This was not punishment in any sense. It was TORTURE.

  8. I am dealing with a small town where the county attorney, district attorney, and the attorney representing CPS is one and the same. It reminds me of a mayberry town where he is judge and jury. At my ex wifes house CPS has been called out over 6 times and they say that the children are lying about the abuse they receive and sexual advancments.This district attorney took the sexual allegations to a grand jury and it was no billed .They said it was the way my daughter acted after being removed that she was not credibale.She is the one who is locked up away from the people who love her and he is walking the streets looking for his next victim.How many of these cases where a child has been abused and the suspect was accused of the same allegations previously and was no billed. Could the State of Texas be responsable for around 25% of these cases.

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