Christian is a 12 year old survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and he watched his stepfather commit suicide to avoid being charged with abusing him and a very tragic story.

Christian is being charged as an adult with first degree murder & his hearing is coming up in just a few days.

He is a boy that has been living an awful life & deserves to be treated as a child not a hardened criminal.

Sign the petition;

Read the story;Tell Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey not to try a 12-year-old as an adult.

Cristian Fernandez is only 12 years old. And if Florida prosecutor Angela Corey has her way, he’ll never leave jail again.

Cristian hasn’t had an easy life. He’s the same age now as his mother was when he was born. He’s a survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In 2010, Cristian watched his stepfather commit suicide to avoid being charged with abusing Cristian.

Last January, Cristian was wrestling with his 2-year-old brother, David, and accidentally broke David’s leg. Despite this, their mother left Cristian with his brother again in March. While the two boys were alone, Cristian allegedly pushed his brother against a bookcase, and David sustained a head injury. After their mother returned home, she waited six hours before taking David to the hospital. David eventually died.

Now Cristian is being charged with first degree murder — as an adult. He’s the youngest person in the history of his Florida county to receive this charge, and his next hearing is coming up in a just a few days.

Melissa Higgins works with kids who get caught up in the criminal justice system in her home state of New Hampshire. When she read about Cristian’s case, she was appalled — so she started a petition on asking Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey to try Cristian as a child. Please sign Melissa’s petition today before Cristian’s next hearing on October 5.

As part of his prosecution, Cristian has been examined by two different forensic psychiatrists — each of whom concluded that he was “emotionally underdeveloped but essentially reformable despite a tough life.”

Cristian has already been through more than most of us can imagine — and now the rest of his life is in the hands of a Florida prosecutor who wants to make sure Cristian never leaves jail.

The purpose of the juvenile justice system is to reform kids who haven’t gotten a fair shake. If Cristian is sent to adult prison, it will be more than a tragedy for him — it will also be a signal to other prosecutors that kids’ lives are acceptable collateral in the quest to be seen as “tough on crime.”

Cristian’s next hearing is coming up quickly on October 5. State’s Attorney Angela Corey needs to know that her actions are being watched — please sign the petition asking her not to try Cristian as an adult:



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  1. This child should not be tried as an adult. But I doubt he will get the counseling that he needs in the Florida justice system.

  2. This child needs people to intervene, otherwise not only will his family have failed, but so will society.

    His mother and grandmother come from a cycle of violence, and it needs to stop here for children like Cristian.

    He needs reform, not to become a scapegoat.

  3. Please help this child to get some serious mental health help.
    Watching a suicide, abuse, accidental injuries to his younger brother or deliberate.
    Now his sibling is dead. Mom is in jail and he is too. It is a very sad big mess.

  4. I’ve seen first hand how broken the system is and how little to no helps exits for children being abused! I’m heartsick that no intervention occurs and when they finally act out, they are treated like the criminals that were allowed to abuse them! People need to step up and start complaining louder! Child abuse should not be tolerated in this society!

  5. No one can know the real motivation behind Ms. Corey’s push to have a 12-year old tried as an adult, but I am not convinced it’s truly honorable or ethical. If we look to the prosecution to perform their job according to the law, then why wouldn’t the prosecutor’s office look toward the professionals who have evaluated Cristian indicating he is reformabale. This isn’t the first time a 12 year old would have been tried as an adult; it was wrong then and is wrong now. These kids are too young to be ‘written off’ to the penial system instead of pushed toward reform with a strong positive environment. Part of my experience with this situation comes from watching hotdog prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves at the expense of a kid.

  6. Ok can you tell me anyone who has kids doesnt know that they fight and play hard….to the point of breaking bones…..I have two boys 14 months apart they fight hard and play hard together……the last er visit the doctor said no more they are adults and no they didnt break bones …but they did bloody each other up and they are 20 21 ,,,,,..and what parent waits six hours how can it be first degree isnt that like he planned it went about to do it and did it without thought…..were they ruff housing and it got out of hand…..????? what is up with that mother she needs to be prosecuted for allowing any of this to happen without addressing it right away….find someone else to babysit no excuse even welfare has a program…..and now to just sell him down the river if this was me I would be the one on trial cause no way would I let my child wait six hours with a head wound…..and no way if he broke his leg would he be alone like that again….she set him up as far as im concerned….and she is the real murderer…..she should be charged and this boy should not cause he was not looking to kill his brother ….come on you people in florida wont prosecute the very people who do do murder and then you do this….im sorry what justice is this?????

  7. Do the right thing. PLEASE do not charge Cristian as an adult. HE IS A CHILD. PLEASE.

  8. Is the prosecutor out of her mind? This IS a child ! It should not have even been considered an option to try him as an adult. This boy has already experienced horrific things being done to him in his short life that would, most likely, damaged an adult permanently much less a child. This prosecutor, Angela Corey, has declared herself devoid of honor, compassion, and the ability to make sound judgements by attempting to have a 12 year old tried as an adult. Shame on her and shame on the mother for not acting sooner. If adults show such a complete lack of rationality how in the world could we hold children to a higher standard ? I hope that the people in Florida will not allow this to happen… Protest, picket, etc. this is WRONG in every sense of the word.

  9. This is outreageous and barbaric. Further abuse of a child. Surely there is a better way for the prosecutor to further her career!

  10. This is a very sad situation. A 12 year old child should be dealt with as such. Clearly having gone through what must have been a most difficult childhood, this child is now suffering from behavioural problems. He should be given access to proper help and that is not behind bars!

  11. Many African children face all sorts of abuse due to poverty as others are orphans and vulnerable children without shelters,care and support.
    it is the high time for the blessed ones to use their resources in building rehabilitation centers, homes and schools for such children to curtail the vise.political conflicts are other sources of abuse.
    I encourage interested parties to venture into this ….Kenya.

  12. This little boy has been taught his whole life that adults can not be trusted and that authority figures are there to mistreat and hurt you. Please don’t allow this baby to be let down again. He needs to know that someone will fight for him and care about him. He needs to feel the love of someone! Let’s pray that this prosecutor realizes that this little life is in her hands and she has the power to see to it that he gets psychiatric care and a chance at a normal life. Lock up the sex offenders and throw away the key, but don’t use the systems first attempt at hard ball be against a child!

  13. This seems to be a total breakdown of why we are here and a total misuse of the justice system. Laws are here to protect us. They didn’t protect Christian or his brother, and now in outrage or for whatever reason want to blame and punish a child, that needed, and still needs its help. We are suppose to look after our children, yet they are basically wanting to Lynch this child! A series of events could of made this anyone’s son. Murder is murder, an accident is an accident, and regardless, when it is a child; please, kids get rough, that’s why we as parents have to monitor and take controll of situations. On top of all that, this child has lived in an environment where the anger (if that), and lack of being dealt with are totally understandable. We so often want to know what when, where, and how things happen, when the really important question, and possibly the most helpful answer come from the “why”. Where there is one, there is a majority of one, and Christian is that majority. I sure wouldn’t want to have to face my maker, and try to explain why I let this happen to a child, then further mistreated him for it instead of trying to help him heal and learn. If everyone would stop thinking “it could never happen to them”, and try to deal with it as if it was them, we might possibly be closer to teaching and showing our children what the Bible tells us to do. Compassion is something it sounds like this little boy has not been given. Are we not the teachers? Let’s teach something good, and something really wonderful could happen.

  14. Angela Corey thought she was going to become the worlds biggest BIG SHOT by throwing the book at this already abused child. Locking him up in an an adult jail and keeping him in solitary confinement 23 hours a day is CHILD ABUSE! Trying to give him life without parole, is sickening. I also heard she is trying to run for higher office, WHO WILL VOTE FOR THIS MONSTER?

  15. I signed the petition whole-heartedly. There is a reason WHY the juvenile justice system was created! Child & adolescent brains are not fully formed, & they therefore, do NOT THINK–or ACT–like adults. They make mistakes. If they receive proper guidance, they learn from their mistakes.

    This child does NOT deserve to have his entire life taken from him (i.e., life in prison) because (a) he is NOT AN ADULT, & (b) his mother shares the majority of the burden, due to (1) leaving him alone with his brother, when he’s too young AND already proven that he does not have appropriate discernment when dealing with the younger brother (i.e., lack of supervision for BOTH boys), & (2) because she brought into the house the man who abused Cristian in many ways, then killed himself in front of this child to avoid HIS due punishment! Mom AND Cristian need some intensive therapy, as it appears mom was sexually abused to have given birth to Cristian at the age of 12. HELP THEM. Do NOT use this CHILD to further some sick, distorted agenda.

  16. As I look through the comments I find myself stunned. What is being said is that because an individual is abused, neglected or otherwise mistreated they have the right to behave as they wish and to perpetuate abuse because of their personal experience being abused?

    No matter what our circumstances, we all have the ability to choose how we are going to be as a human being. Countless numbers have experienced abuse and have chosen to allow those circumstances to grow from and in that growth to choose to forgive and not repeast such gross offenses.

    Jesus Christ was abused, mistreated and dragged to a cross to die having done nothing. Yet His last words were “Father forgive them” That is a model that we should look to for how to live and how to react to unfortunate circumstances.

  17. This is a travesty as well as a tragedy! Please post the outcome of the October 5th hearing.

    Based on this account of Cristian’s life through this point, it sounds as if he is desperately in need of compassionate PTSD therapy in a residential facility. The last thing he needs is imprisonment … and certainly not mixed in with adults.

    How can prison possibly rehabilitate a child who has been abused for his entire life? Of course it can not and besides, our prisons are not exactly known for delivering high quality mental health care! Prisons are known for abuse, however, and the last thing this boy needs is more trauma in his life.

    Cristian’s role in causing his brother’s death hardly compares to the parental neglect experienced by both boys. Although it is unlikely that Angela Corey had a change of heart before the hearing, my hope is that somehow our justice system will not let this child down and that young Cristian will receive the mental health treatment that he so desperately needs.

  18. From the story I just read, Cristian should not be charged with first degree murder. The story says he pushed his brother, since when is that murder. It appears he plays with his brother, but probably too rough for a two year old, but come on Ms. Prosecutor, how could an accident be murder. Also, what about his mother waiting so long to take him to the hospital, this was probably the real reason he died, because he did not get medical attention immediately. What is going on in this country with so many prosecutors wanting to put kids away, when most of them just need a little tlc. The system continues to lock up children, and let adult criminals walk the streets to continue their violence. And what happened to the children are not adults until age 18???? So SAD, God help Cristian.

  19. Por favor oremos para que el corazon de esta juez sea movido y entienda que este niño no conoce el amor, que tiene derecho a una oportunidad de vida, que el no quiso matar a su hermano, que el fue criado en medio de golpes. Que el amor de Dios puede cambiar a christian, que este niño desde que abrio los ojos a la vida no conoce sino el dolor y al condenarlo a cadena perpetua lo condena a no reformarse, a nuna conocer una vida de justicia y perdon. Oremos al Dios del cielo, que es poderoso y misericordioso y tiene poder para mover montañas y tocar los corazones.
    Christian hoy no esta solo y los que puedan visitarlo y hacerle saber que muchos sentimos amor por el y oramos por su salvacion, por favor visitenlo.

  20. Por favor oremos para que el corazon de esta fiscal sea movido y entienda que este niño no conoce el amor, que tiene derecho a una oportunidad de vida, que el no quiso matar a su hermano, que el fue criado en medio de golpes. Que el amor de Dios puede cambiar a christian, que este niño desde que abrio los ojos a la vida no conoce sino el dolor y al condenarlo a cadena perpetua lo condena a no reformarse, a nuna conocer una vida de justicia y perdon. Oremos al Dios del cielo, que es poderoso y misericordioso y tiene poder para mover montañas y tocar los corazones.
    Christian hoy no esta solo y los que puedan visitarlo y hacerle saber que muchos sentimos amor por el y oramos por su salvacion, por favor visitenlo.

  21. yes what this boy did was horrible but he is a boy! Does he deserve punishment? If it is found he really did understand what he did then yes but to lock him away with adult prisoners is cruel!!! The boy needs help! Let’s look at where the blame should be his MOTHER!! She is the one that should be on trial for the death of her baby and not this 12 yr old boy. He should be tried as a juvenile and NOT as an adult!!!

  22. This is outrageous. Christian is a child. His mother was a child when she had him so what was kind of upbringing did he have? All parents know, and most adults should know, that kids play rough, and a 12 year old is still too young and inexperienced to fully comprehend the full consequences of his actions. What is Angela Corey thinking? What is to be gained from charging this child with first degree murder and trying him as an adult. Why have a juvenile court system if states and prosecutors can make their own decisions as to who is an ADULT. There seems to be various views on when a CHILD is mature enough to accept certain responsiblities – a child must be 15 or older to drive a car BUT can go to prison for life at 12? A child can’t buy cigarettes, alcohol, join the military, or vote BUT they can go to prison for life? GET REAL FLORIDA AND MS. COREY! – SHOW SOME COMPASSION TO THIS POOR CHILD – GIVE HIM THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN THERE ARE GOOD ADULTS IN THE WORLD – GIVE HIM THE OPPORTUNITY TO GROW UP – GIVE HIM THE CHANCE TO BE A PARENT. Please think back to when you were 12; were you an ADULT?

  23. I do not understand what the police and the court and lawys are thinking, but I do know that they are wrong in wanting to put him in adult court but it is wrong Me being a mother of four boys and having one boy close to cristian age I know I would not want my son put in jail with men who relly who the things that they have done He is just a little boy that is how I think Of him I see him as if he where my son and I do not feel he desirs to be trieded like adult I feel that everyone has failed him the whole state of has FLORIDA HAS FAILED HIM. If they all know that Cristian was having so much badness in his life WHY DID THEY NOT LOKK FOR MORE HELP WITH GOOD PEOPLE FOR HIM, and that is all he has know. What do they expect that it did not effect him. By watching the news and seeing Cristian not even beging to understand what is happening to him is hard and I hope someone can help him and he does not see any more badness and someone can make his world a better place for him cause that is what he relly deserves.I write this with a lot of pain in my heart the pain that only a true mother knows and I hate so say this but he was faild by the people who where to show him love and protect him. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS IMAGEN THAT IS OUR ON SON IN THAT ORANGE JAIL SUIT AND KNOW HIS STORY AND IS IF WE COULD PUT OUR ON SONS IN JAIL WITH ADULT MEN AND SEE IF WE COULD GO TO BED WITH OUT A NOTHER THOUGHT. Please Goverment of florida hear a mothers cry for help for this LITTLE BOY CRISTIAN

  24. por favor ayudenlo lo unico que sembraron en el fue odio,el no sabe que el amor existe,ni siquiera conoce el amor de madre,les pido que hagamos una cadena de oracion por el para que dios tenga misericordia de el y ablande los corazones de los fiscales,y en lugar de juzgarlo le ayuden a olvidar todo lo que le hicieron,porque el no eligio vivir todo eso,quiza porque a muchos nos toco vivir sanamente con unos padres amorosos mas a el no, el esta solo y lo que es peor encerrado,vamos a orar por el,dios es el unico que decide que es mejor para el.

    translation to english;

    Please Help him the only thing that was sown in hate, do not know that love exists, does not even know the love of a mother, I ask you to do a string of prayer for the god to have mercy on him and soften the hearts of prosecutors, judge and instead help him forget everything he did, because he did not chose to live all that, perhaps because many of us had to live healthily with loving parents but to no, he is just and what is worst locked up, we pray for, God is the only one who decides what is best for him.

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