Christian is a 12 year old survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and he watched his stepfather commit suicide to avoid being charged with abusing him and a very tragic story.

Christian is being charged as an adult with first degree murder & his hearing is coming up in just a few days.

He is a boy that has been living an awful life & deserves to be treated as a child not a hardened criminal.

Sign the petition;

Read the story;Tell Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey not to try a 12-year-old as an adult.

Cristian Fernandez is only 12 years old. And if Florida prosecutor Angela Corey has her way, he’ll never leave jail again.

Cristian hasn’t had an easy life. He’s the same age now as his mother was when he was born. He’s a survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In 2010, Cristian watched his stepfather commit suicide to avoid being charged with abusing Cristian.

Last January, Cristian was wrestling with his 2-year-old brother, David, and accidentally broke David’s leg. Despite this, their mother left Cristian with his brother again in March. While the two boys were alone, Cristian allegedly pushed his brother against a bookcase, and David sustained a head injury. After their mother returned home, she waited six hours before taking David to the hospital. David eventually died.

Now Cristian is being charged with first degree murder — as an adult. He’s the youngest person in the history of his Florida county to receive this charge, and his next hearing is coming up in a just a few days.

Melissa Higgins works with kids who get caught up in the criminal justice system in her home state of New Hampshire. When she read about Cristian’s case, she was appalled — so she started a petition on asking Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey to try Cristian as a child. Please sign Melissa’s petition today before Cristian’s next hearing on October 5.

As part of his prosecution, Cristian has been examined by two different forensic psychiatrists — each of whom concluded that he was “emotionally underdeveloped but essentially reformable despite a tough life.”

Cristian has already been through more than most of us can imagine — and now the rest of his life is in the hands of a Florida prosecutor who wants to make sure Cristian never leaves jail.

The purpose of the juvenile justice system is to reform kids who haven’t gotten a fair shake. If Cristian is sent to adult prison, it will be more than a tragedy for him — it will also be a signal to other prosecutors that kids’ lives are acceptable collateral in the quest to be seen as “tough on crime.”

Cristian’s next hearing is coming up quickly on October 5. State’s Attorney Angela Corey needs to know that her actions are being watched — please sign the petition asking her not to try Cristian as an adult:



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  1. por favor ayudenlo lo unico que sembraron en el fue odio,el no sabe que el amor existe,ni siquiera conoce el amor de madre,les pido que hagamos una cadena de oracion por el para que dios tenga misericordia de el y ablande los corazones de los fiscales,y en lugar de juzgarlo le ayuden a olvidar todo lo que le hicieron,porque el no eligio vivir todo eso,quiza porque a muchos nos toco vivir sanamente con unos padres amorosos mas a el no, el esta solo y lo que es peor encerrado,vamos a orar por el,dios es el unico que decide que es mejor para el.

    translation to english;

    Please Help him the only thing that was sown in hate, do not know that love exists, does not even know the love of a mother, I ask you to do a string of prayer for the god to have mercy on him and soften the hearts of prosecutors, judge and instead help him forget everything he did, because he did not chose to live all that, perhaps because many of us had to live healthily with loving parents but to no, he is just and what is worst locked up, we pray for, God is the only one who decides what is best for him.

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