When I began as a guardian ad-Litem, a very young child in my caseload had been horribly burned when she was placed in a tub of scalding water by her 6 year old niece (the baby had very poopy diapers and was stinky).

The cold water pipe had frozen solid in the Minnesota winter & the landlord had turned the hot water heater to “scalding” to compensate for the absence of cold water.

My legally minded friend Bob Olson pointed out that if she were my child, an insurance claim would be made against the property owner & at least some justice might be served.

Bob gave me a name of a top attorney who I engaged to represent this girl. Within a year the attorney argued successfully in a mediation with the insurance company and awarded this child the top limit of the landlords insurance policy (the landlord had after all, allowed the cold water pipes to remain frozen solid that winter and caused burns that would leave the girl terribly scarred her whole life).

Today, this young lady has a college fund and is a little compensated for the burns that made her legs look like scales when she grew up in a crack house.

I expect that other very young children in child protection systems have been terribly injured with insurable claims that will never see the light of day because the crack mom don’t know & the caseworkers are not trained to see this as a solution.

It does not seem right to me that the only children to be compensated for their insurable childhood injuries should be those that come from healthy families. In fact, those that need it the most, don’t come from healthy families.

Bob can be helpful and reached at 651-690-3494



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  1. i am very happy to find out that there is some form of justice for kids in this system. We have a case similar to that within our agency, maybe we can talk and there can be some justice for him

  2. When you speak of invisible kids, you speak of the Homeless kids. About 1 million and more in the USA each year. There is a human right to adequate housing.

    I have worked in the homeless field, without pay, for nearly 40 years. I have found poverty to be the number 1 cause of homelessness. I hurt for the children, who are on the streets with their parents.

    There will be a march in DC on 6-30-12. we need people from e very state to be there. I will be gathering people from churches,soup kitchens, and food-banks helping them to form groups to pay for busing on that date. And to continue calling for improvements.

    I stopped helping the homeless, and now focus on its cause-poverty. Groups forming in all states, can get ahold of myself for guidance in fundraising for buses,and food. Iwill be unreachable until nov 3 when my computer anf phone are turned on. I not only work on ending poverty,like 220 milion other folks unable to pay all their basic bills each month; I live in it also.
    Hospitality house is now working on ending poverty. The rich causes poverty by not paying a decent income.

    Children are 4 times as likely, to suffer illness,and death than their housed counter parts.

    The homeless children are invisible to most people. This march, asks for human rights to safe housing for children. So it one thing people can do to improve the USA. We have to expose the weakness of society, before we can fix it.
    Thank You for inviting me to post here. Jan

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