Dear Foster Child from yesterday’s email feeling really low and self destructive,

You are not alone and your feelings are not unusual. I have not discovered perfect answers for curing the lonesomeness and depression that you are feeling, but I have a couple ideas that might be of value to you.

1. Volunteer to work with others that need help. It could be an animal shelter, home for the aged or disabled, or something through a church or synagogue . Why I think this helps is because it makes us feel good about helping others and it connects us with another human being (and the satisfaction of comforting people or pets).

2. Find a way to express yourself through art, dance, theatre, music, or writing. You are a bright and talented person. Your writing skills are terrific and you communicate very well. Getting lost in a painting, a poem, or any other artistic expression can be very rewarding. Yes, it is an escape, but it can become a passion, a way of life, and relief from negative thinking.

3. Consider the study of yoga and Zen thinking. These are simple exercises that bring peace and discipline to our lives and a teaching of what really is important. It is so easy to get caught up in bad thinking. There are many books on the topics as well as community education and I think for free at the Y.

Except for suicide, decisions are reversible.

You, like me, can try to do many things in life. We both hope to find things that we love and can be passionate about.

You, like me, will meet many people in our lives with the hope of finding a few good people that can become genuine friends.

Life is not easy, but it can be wonderful at times.

Life can be suffering and painful, but it can also be sweet and rewarding.

It is my belief that searching and trying new things can and will provide you with experiences that you would like to repeat, things you would like to get good at, and people that you want to know better.

Along the way there will be problems but you are a smart and able person and for the most part, you can solve or get around those problems.

Keep trying.

I wish you success at finding the people and things that will make your life more and more fulfilling.

This is a very favorite poem;

My very best wishes,


Ps… I ask readers who experience these feelings and have found ways of dealing with them to submit comments on this blog. We all benefit from new perspectives.

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