Reading & Math Proficiency Or Else…

The U.S. has been sliding for years from a leadership role in education & other quality of life indices to falling off the charts behind almost all other industrialized nations. Today we compare ourselves to the “emerging” nations so that we can be 32nd out of 64 instead of 32nd out of 24 industrialized nations.

Failing to educate generations of American children will have long ranging economic consequences and further reduce the quality of life we have come to take for granted.

The Federal Reserve board studies of a few years ago should be studied closely when bickering over where to spend precious tax dollars. There is no question that investing in children pays great dividends by building a bright and capable citizenry and avoiding the preteen pregnancies and juvenile felonies America’s children are getting so well known for.

Instead of pouring money into prisons and the judicial system & preparing children for dysfunctional adult lives, early childhood education prepares children for a successful future in school and in life.

It’s a great investment.

As Pliny the elder stated 2500 years ago, “what we do to our children, they will do to society”.

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