As a volunteer guardian ad-Litem, I have spoken with too many frustrated social workers, CASA workers, educators, birth, foster, and adoptive parents that have experienced gaping holes in our child protection systems.

Overburdened workers are managing large numbers of very troubled children with minimal resources, educators coping with seriously damaged youth in classrooms without adequate training or skills, and parents that need crisis nurseries, available daycare, and mental health services for their troubled children are often left without any help.

These are the folks that have a hard time finding the time to call a state representative, congress person, or governor to explain that these Invisible Children will soon be visibly troubled youth that will blossom into dysfunctional adults if we continue to avoid the obvious holes in our institutions.

They need our help.

For years now I have tried through the CASA guardian ad-Litem program, speaking, and writing to bring information to a larger audience hoping that every mind enlightened would benefit an at risk child somewhere.

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  1. Totally agree – we are currently involved in a situation of raising our grandson for almost a year. His mother lived with us a couple of month’s until we asked her to leave. She has a minimum wage job – works only a couple days a week, evicted from her apartment, living from friend to friend. She supposedly goes to college, but I doubt it. She is an alcoholic and has had failed drops.

    Our permanency hearing is getting close and we are so afraid they are going to return him to her. She takes drugs, has very undesirable friends, no home, no full time job, how will she support him? She says not too worry, she will get govt assistance. She tells us CPS has told her without a doubt the judge will give him back.

    He is going to be a statistic if that happens. CPS has approved out home, but as yet to do a review of her conditions as she can’t stay in one place long enough.

    Thank you for letting me vent.

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