With aggressive politics everywhere, it is easy not to hear law makers address the underlying children’s issues that are expressly responsible for the quality of life in our communities.

Not all states give voice to our weakest and most vulnerable citizens. This rally is a big step for children and it deserves to be copied and repeated.

Lobbying from well funded groups insure that their voices will be heard and that voters provide money and legislation for business and outspoken citizens on their issues.

Children, especially abused and neglected children, have no voice. For too many years our communities have been unable to build enough support to launch at risk children successfully into adulthood. 80% of youth aging out of foster care lead dysfunctional lives. Three million children a year are reported to child protection in this nation, almost a million a year end up in foster care.

A five year old child can’t call a legislator and ask for day care so he doesn’t have to spend part of the day alone or with a drug using or dysfunctional adult because mom can’t afford day care.

The six year old will not call child protection because of the drugs or terrible things done to her by a family member (she can’t read and doesn’t know how wrong these things are).

Ignoring the needs of the weakest and most vulnerable among us has had terrible consequences (read the newspaper – watch TV).

Our lack of understanding for the programs, resources, and basic concern for children has filled our prisons, troubled our communities, and made our schools struggle with educating children who are not prepared to learn.

We owe it to ourselves to understand the economics and underlying realities that face children in our society today. There are no easy answers, but not knowing the issues or the obvious results of ignoring at risk children guarantees that troubled children will continue to struggle with becoming contributing members of our communities.

It is hard to deny help to children that you know. Vote For Children’s Issues

Come to this rally. If you live in another state, Copy the intention of this rally and organize one at your state capital.

10-10-10 March For Children and Youth

Join the thousands of Minnesotans who will March for Children and Youth on 10-10-10.

WHEN: 10-10-10, 2:00-5:00 pm

WHERE: Minnesota Capitol

WHAT: The March will bring 10,000 concerned Minnesotans to the capitol to rally and urge citizens to vote with children’s issues in mind and remind policy makers and leaders to make children’s needs a priority.

GOAL: To create a steadfast force of advocates that continues to work towards strengthening a commitment to children and youth and hold policy makers accountable for decisions that impact the lives of Minnesota’s children.

BACKGROUND: Organized and led by CDF’s Young Advocate Leaders, the march and rally was envisioned as a vehicle to keep children’s issues paramount to voters as they elect a new governor, Minnesota legislators and national congressional representatives.

The event also occurs one week before the National Observance of Children’s Sabbath. However, this year, CDF–MN has invited congregations around the state to hold their celebrations instead on 10-10-10 by bringing their members to the march and rally. (Click here to contact Norma Bourland and find out how your congregation can participate.)

Once marchers converge at the Capitol the rally will include a press conference, justice music by locally known groups, a celebrity keynote, and short speeches by civic leaders, clergy and children. Gubernatorial candidates will be invited to say how they would address one of the 10 focus issues. There will be a voter registration table, a Bridge to Benefits information table and a CDF issue and program table.

The rally will end with a challenge for change to give ALL Minnesota children a fair start in life. Commitment cards and stickers will be available for participants to use to expand the movement and help mobilize during the 2011 state legislative session to pass legislation supportive of the 10 focus issues.

To learn more or to volunteer, please email Nicole Hernandez or call her at 651-855-1174.

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  1. What a great program and admirable cause. Is there any organization of this kind in Northern California (SF area)?

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