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Announces August Webinar

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Many adopted children are “multiply impacted” by prenatal exposure to drugs, and/or alcohol, by neglect and deprivation, complex trauma such as chronic child physical and sexual abuse, exposure to domestic violence, separation from or loss of significant other, and/or multiple out-of-home placements.

Please join Dr. Richard J. Delaney, internationally known speaker, acclaimed author and consultant to foster, kinship and adoptive parents for this 90-minute webinar presentation as he addresses adoptive parenting issues that include, how to get to the bottom of why children behave and how to approach problems, especially social aggression and anger outbursts.

Substantial time for discussion, questions and answers will be included during this 90-minute online presentation. Parents, professionals and others are invited to participate in this interactive online training. All you need is a computer with internet access, a telephone and a pioneer spirit!

$15.00 webinar only – REGISTER NOW
$25.00 webinar & CD – REGISTER NOW

Registration will not be available the day of the webinar.

For more information, please contact Anne Johnson at 612-746-5122 or ajohnson@mnadopt.org.

To learn more about MN ADOPT, visit www.mnadopt.org

Dr. Richard J. Delaney

Dr. Richard J. Delaney is an internationally known
speaker and consultant to foster, kinship and adoptive
parents. Most recently he served as the clinical director
of a community-based residential treatment center for
traumatized, multiply impacted, and emotionally
disturbed children in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

For many years, Dr. Delaney has been a consultant to the Casey Family Programs and other foster care and adoption agencies across the country. Dr. Delaney is the author (and co-author) of several books in the area of foster care and adoption, including Fostering Changes: Myth, Meaning, and Magic Bullets in Attachment Theory and Troubled Transplants: Unconventional Strategies for Helping Troubled Foster and Adopted Children. He is the principal investigator for Foster Parent College (www.fosterparentcollege.com), which is an online resource for foster and adoptive parents.

Dr. Delaney is currently the lead faculty member at Portland State University’s online training series for mental health professionals and helps them achieve adoption-competence coursework. Dr. Delaney is a father, stepfather and grandfather who resides in Fort Collins, Colorado and Bastrop, Texas.

MN ADOPT webinar presentations have
been captured on CD and now available to own!
Only $15.00 each includes tax & shipping

Own the entire 7-Disc collection for $85.00 (#1100)

PowerPoint slides & images
Presentation audio commentary
Participant Questions & Answers
Each CD runs approximately 60 to 90 minutes
For quality playing experience, play from computer equipped w/ sound

#1101 Tough Questions, No Easy Answers: Some Useful Tips for Raising Hurt Kids with Deena McMahon

#1102 Back to School with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder with Kari Fletcher

#1103 Silent Night: Calming the Holidays for Children with Sensory and Neurological Differences with Kari Fletcher

#1104 The Mosaic: When Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Meets Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) with Deena McMahon and Wendylee Raun

#1105 Great Ideas for Increasing Biculturalism in Transracial Families with Robert O’Connor

#1106 Avoiding Power Struggles & Healing Hearts: Responsive Parenting to Engage the Reactive Child with Paul Buckley

#1107 Practical Strategies for Helping Troubled Adopted Children with Complex Histories: Focus On Anger Issues with Dr. Richard J. Delaney


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