Invisible Children (The American Cycle Of Abuse & Its Cost) Free ebook & audiobook

An informative & compelling look at the shameful treatment of vulnerable children, how it impacts our communities, and what we can do about it.

Listen, Read. Pass it on (a great gift).


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  2. As an RN with 36 years experience in dealing with abused children, I support any organization that educates to prevent child abuse. I have written a fictional book based on reality (things witnessed during my career) in an effort to have a narative account of a life effected by abuse. I would love to share the book with you. If there is an address where I can send a free copy, please provide it. Part of the proceeds go to the local child shelter here in my homestate of West Virginia. I wrote the book as a result of the 5 year old girl, Jessica Lunsford, being abducted, tortured by sexual abuse then buried alive in Florida about the same time that Elizabeth Smart was abducted and forced into the pseudo marriage in Utah. A child psychiatrist who read the manuscript told me that “we can hold all the seminars, publish all the journals, and do all the counseling in the world but it won’t stick like this narrative story to have the impact that is needed.” Many have read it and say it needs to be a movie. The sadness in the book is real. The people effected are real, the character is fictional. My second book is in the hands of my editor. I would love to share the book with you and support your cause in some manner.

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