The following article from the Baltimore Sun froze the blood in my arteries and brought my attention to the critical importance of funding child protection services in our communities.

Money losing newspapers are hard pressed to assign reporters to these tragic stories. As a guardian ad-Litem, I had a case with 49 police calls to a home before the children were removed (& only because the seven year old attempted to kill the five year old in front of the officer). I believe that the seven year old had been prostituted.

How can our community stand by without demanding change as three and five year old children are tortured and murdered and our overworked and underfunded social workers and institutions provide no safe place for abused youth to hide?

What follows are the sad stories of the Maryland girls, and several other tragedies that I have followed recently.

Md. woman is convicted of killing, freezing adopted girls
Renee Bowman could get life sentence without parole
February 23, 2010|By Dan Morse | The Washington Post

A Maryland woman described by prosecutors as a torturer and maimer of her adopted girls was convicted Monday of killing two of them and stuffing their bodies into a freezer, and inflicting more than 80 injuries on the third.

“What she did was absolutely horrendous,” said Laurence Foley, foreman of the jury that deliberated for about 90 minutes inside a Montgomery County courthouse. “There was an overwhelming amount of evidence.”

The case stunned the region and cast a spotlight on the District of Columbia’s child welfare agency, which had allowed Renee Bowman, 44, to adopt the three girls. She collected $152,000 for raising the children, according to trial testimony, with many payments arriving after she had killed the two girls and put their bodies in the freezer.

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