The CASA program I came through is a terrific volunteer program that connects volunteers to abused and neglected children in their community. CASA provides a great learning experience as well as a badly needed service to children unlucky enough to be born into tragic circumstances.

KARA has had the good fortune of having volunteers from Century College & Macalaster College to find information for me to write about and to research information on child abuse in other nations.

Volunteering is a powerful force at times like these, when young families are struggling, and more children are at risk.

To make volunteering work, it is best to do things that you like to do, for people that need it. The results are terrific.

Don’t be afraid to provide services through your own efforts (perhaps with the help of your local religious or business organizations). Small efforts become big if fed and sustained.

What follows is my quick list of child friendly organizations that need volunteers and articles on volunteering (to start the thought process).

Take advantage of students’ enthusiasm, Weber State University

National CASA


Grandparents organization

Promising Practices Network/Programs that work & Partner Pages

Mentoring Foster Children

Big Brothers Big Sisters

List of Organizations MN & U.S.

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting ways that we can all make a difference! It’s so daunting to think about the hardships that other’s face; but by pointing out that each of us CAN make a difference you are setting into motion a powerful cascading effect, which is so empowering!

    I am very fond of the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program as well. The CASA mission is unique because it trains volunteers to work one-on-one with abused children; the trained “CASAs” provide direct intervention support to abused children, which is SO powerful! AND, the CASAs prepare independent reports for the courts as to what is the BEST outcome for the abused children – CASAs give them a powerful voice in court. Ultimately, CASAs ensure that children are safe and not returned to offending homes!

    Your readers can also support their local CASA program – the goal of the National CASA is to support the CASA programs in our local counties.

    I’m looking forward to the time when I can become a trained CASA; until then, I contribute financial donations to my local CASA, and market their incredible work.

    And thank you for being the pioneer you are, Michael. Few people have the courage you do to tell it like it really is! I appreciate ALL your efforts to educate people and save children’s lives!

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