Every state has it’s loud and mean “I got mine” Tea Party contingency, but it is prudent to look deeper into who has voted us to where we are today.

America’s aging population is retreating into retirement with its pensions and savings and leaving young families with failing schools, health systems, and communities.

The lack of financial or public support for day care, early childhood programs, schools & health care is being compounded by the increased political footballing of five year olds.

At Risk Children have been sold out to the pharmaceutical firms of our very young children as guinea pigs for Prozac, Ritalin, and other psychotropic medications (Ritalin was banned in Sweden in 1968 due to the increase in suicides).

Educators are expected to deal with the mental health issues of thousands of abused and neglected children in their classrooms each year & then be denigrated by political figures in election years.

At the same time, media & politicians are blaming the people working in the field instead of taking a constructive approach to understanding the issues and creating public policies that address the problems.

Building prisons has not worked (500M budget in MN this year), nor has under-serving abused and neglected children (double digit prison growth 4 of last 5 years).

There is nothing responsible or adult-like in accusing bad teachers for failed schools, or for blaming social workers when a baby is found in a dumpster. That is like blaming the police for the criminal in the squad car.

It is to our own best interest to approach these issues in a responsible fashion and make the investment in determining what needs to be done and then doing it.

We will continue to degrade our cities and spend far more money maintaining prisons, fighting crime, and paying for damage and insurance than we would if children received the attention they need to succeed in school and go on to lead productive lives.
The following are a few examples of the how various states are dealing with the current financial crisis and how it is impacting their public safety and children;

California Schools


North Carolina


Data on Pre School Success in Florida

Good News In Early Childhood Care



New York











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  1. Yes- it seems many seniors are “take everything for me and damn the next generation.”
    Edcation budgets get voted down, people want to live in gated communities- and how the he** – they can put up with silly rules and petty bickering at the Association level is beyond me. COMMUNITY means the whole gambit young and old, rich and poor, brain powered and muscle powered workers. Thankfully many seniors are also caring, responsible people that see what is happening in the world and know a thing or two about struggling and understand that today’s children will be future leaders and have grandchildren of their own.

  2. “It’s all their fault!” You lead with the idea that senior citizens are to blame for the current woes in our nation by being greedy. That is the most ludicrous idea I have heard in about 5 to 10 years. Actually, it sounds like Saddam Hussein about the Kurds and Kuwaitis or Hitler about the Jewish people. History is replete with other examples. The next thing I expect to hear is “we must tax seniors’ savings” at some rate high above our own in order to help us or euthanized them and transfer their wealth to “fund programs!” What a selfish, shortsighted, and hateful view! We CAN fault them in the job they did for not teaching US to be better people . However, the proposition that seniors who have worked all their lives living within their means, working for 50 or 60 years and SAVING for their future and should be penalized is nuts. I APPLAUD anyone who has the fortitude to not only live within their means but ALSO to save for the future, to take care of themselves, and NOT BE A BURDEN to future generations. If WE want to claim the higher moral ground, we must STOP pointing fingers to blame someone for OUR mistakes and START working to FIX the causes. The cause is NOT that they have wealth because they worked hard, worked smartly, and worked to save for the future. A cause is SELFISHNESS and shortsightedness. True, some seniors fall into this category but to blame all seniors of means for everything is irresponsible. ‘Me, me, me, me, what’s in it for me? Why me? Why do I have to deal with this? Why can’t I have everyone else pay for that program so I don’t have to?’ This mindset just sickens me. Many seniors who can afford to retire, can afford to live in a retirement home, or be blessed to be able to live in their own homes did this: they thought of others. YES, OTHERS! They made plans, scrimped and saved in order NOT to be a burden to us: their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
    I agree, we can’t solely blame the seniors. I also agree, we need to be responsible. Who made the rules that caused this situation also include we who are in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. What will we do about it? Will we be responsible? I agree. We must change society. Should we change it for the worse or for the better? The LAST thing we should do is give in to greed, laziness, and selfishness. This is irresponsible, not adult like. We should NOT take something that is not ours, something we don’t DESERVE. We should not STEAL from the seniors, like common thugs; clearly, this is irresponsible. As in most situations, the solution begins with changing OUR attitude. What can you do? What can I do? We can start by training each other and the following generations right: Live within our means. Save for OUR retirement. Save for that next car. Save for next family vacation. Save for fun activities. Don’t spend what you do not have! Don’t steal! Teach children through play instead of leaving them to their own devices. Treat others with respect. Help others. After you have verified the veracity of that favorite charity, give to that favorite charity. Volunteer for that charity. Volunteer at that early childhood program. Volunteer at that school. GO to the PTA meeting. RUN for school board. Invest YOUR time and FIX what is broken instead of wasting more time, money, and the future of our youth and civilization by being lazy and irresponsible. CALL and write the people who make the rules: the president, the congress, your state governor, your state legislatives, your county or parish executives, and all other local ruling bodies and tell them to be responsible and explain what is responsible and WHY it is responsible. So, the next time you want to point a finger at those “wealthy” retirees, stop. If you want to be a responsible adult, stop blaming them for the situation to which WE have contributed and look to where three of those other fingers are pointing. Then ask, “what can I do?”

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