The “burden of eviction is Heavier on Black Women, Research in Milwaukee Shows” reads the New York Times today,

U of Wisconsin research shows that poor minority women are almost twice as likely to face eviction as minority men (1 of 14 vs. 1 of 25). Irresponsible behavior by live-in fathers and boyfriends and reporting domestic violence to the police often trigger evictions.

The disruption and trauma of eviction & broken homes, forces children out of schools, ruins credit ratings, creates homelessness, increased drug & alcohol abuse, violence and child abuse.

It also puts a burden on schools, increases crime, and preteen pregnancies. The cycle continues.

The costs to our community are made clear by the recent ACE study that proved that almost 70% of the serious and violent crime committed by juveniles in Ramsey County was committed by children living in 2 to 4% of Ramsey County families.

The economics of healthy families is exponentially less costly than paying for the many years of institutionalization and the added encumbrance on our communities when unhealthy children grow up to become unhealthy adults.

Consider the burden these children place on our school systems. Few people outside of education have any idea about the serious behavior problems abused and neglected children bring to school. No record is kept of 9 year olds on psychotropic medications or the treatment they do not receive.

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