EveryChild Matters is campaigning to bring attention to lack of attention and public policy for abused and neglected children.


As part of a campaign to stop child abuse and neglect deaths, The Every Child Matters Education Fund and its partners—the National Association of Social Workers, the National Children’s Alliance, and the National District Attorneys Association—are running ads that urge Congress to address the fatalities that claim the lives of innocent children every day. Specifically, the ads ask Congress to hold hearings and provide emergency funds to stop state cuts in child protective services.

According to “We Can Do Better,” our report released in October, nearly five children die in America every day from abuse or neglect.

In fact, federal data show that 10,440 children in the U.S. died from abuse and neglect between 2001 and 2007, but experts say the real number may be as many as 5,000 higher.

A weak economy and resulting state budget cuts are putting even more children at risk, as evidenced by the multitude of newspaper stories from across America that link an increase in child abuse to the worsening recession.

To see a compendium of these stories, entitled “The Growing Crisis in Child Protection,” click here.

The advertisements will run in Roll Call, The Hill and Politico. The ultimate goal is to compel legislators to bring the national attention and federal resources to bear on what has become a national tragedy. You can help by contacting your representatives today, asking them to hold hearings that will address these 10,000 child abuse deaths. Click here to send a message.

Here are just a few cases that I have followed recently;

Children Forced To Live In Cages



Murdered Metro Baby

Seven Year Old Hangs Himself

During my years as a volunteer guardian ad-Litem, I visited four year olds in suicide wards and watched other very young children try to kill themselves as a result of what their parents had done to them.

It is time these children had a voice in American politics.

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