For those of us in child protection services this has been a horrific summer for babies in need of child protection services.

I was interviewed by the Star Tribune after the baby died in July in the bathtub after 14 calls to child protection.  Alex Ebert & Anthony Lonetree spoke with me about my experience as a guardian ad-litem and seemed quite surprised that multiple calls to a home with no official response were commonplace.

I worked on a case with 45 calls to a home before the child was removed (and only then because she tried to kill her five year old sister in the presence of the officers).  The officers were not at all surprised or defensive about this.  A prostitute lived in the home and it was highly probable that the seven year old had been prostituted.

Children deserve better.  Here are a few recent cases:

8 month old 8.24 in bloomington

Developmentally disabled child starved 8.04

8 month old homicide in Golden Valley 8.29

Anger at the parents serves no purpose.  Usually, their lot in life is as troubled as their child’s.  Helping them would help their child.

The best hope for these babies would have been a more responsive community with more compassion, more daycare, more crisis nursuries, and more child protection services.

MN day care

It is a bigger step to convince people that healthy children become healthy citizens, but it is true.


  1. Guardian Ad Litems have let down children particularly in Lucas County, Ohio. GAL’s are employees of the court and will reflect the wishes of the court, rather than the best interst of the child. I wonder have many children have supposedly had representation, but as it turned out, where at the political mercy of the courts. I suppose children can not speak for themselves and the courts get to throw their politcal weight around in order to look good to their constituients. Investigations should take place to keep the judges in Lucas County,Ohio from using the law to serve their own bias and prejudices, rather than enforcing the statutes as written. Information can be provided that will prove that judges in Ohio must not know what the term “prior” means in regard to an adoption. It appears judges are championing biologival father’s rights instead of upholding the Ohio Revised Statutes.

  2. It’s been a while since you left this comment but I happen to stumble upon it and just had to respond. CASAs are NOT employees of the court. “Employees” implies they are hired and receive compensation for their work. Guardian Ad Litems are volunteers who use their own resources and time to serve in the best interests of the child to whom they are appointed. I am a GAL and in no way are my recommendations influenced by politics or the judges or the court system. I would like to know the details that support your criticism of GALs in Lucas County. Perhaps I can learn something from the particular cases you refer to. I wonder why you have the perception that you do.
    GALs suffer no ramifications from the courts if they make recommendations that the social workers, prosecutors, judges, biological families, defense attorneys or even our own supervisors do not agree with. I have absolutely no fear of consequences of any sort when I make my recommendations and I will push until I can’t push anymore to make sure the child’s best interests are addressed adequately.
    GALs are in short supply and are a critical, important, voice for children in the foster care system. I don’t think your criticism has merit.

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