Kids At Risk Action (KARA) has posted videos on our YouTube Channel of the 2008 KARA Forum held at Century College. To view more videos of our events, visit our page at YouTube:

Here is a sample of the 2008 Kids At Risk Action (KARA) Forum:

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  1. Well done Michael! Your video is so relevant; you are bold, yet respectful. And you gave tremendous hope by talking about the impact that MADD made on the drunk driving laws; that left me with hope that people will come together on many fronts – especially with the help of technology – to make a difference. I just started supporting our local Rappahannock CASA with financial contributions, and with fund-raising ideas. I won’t be able to be a CASA until I retire in 2+ years, but your web site, book, and posts are teaching me a lot. Thank you for all you do!

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