Save the date; Friday, Oct 17th 9am to noon

(Registration link below

qualifies for 3 CEUs)

Our Child Protection System
Brutal Truths and Best Practices Forum at Century College

Join our focused and energetic conversation ab

out children in need of protection and the people, programs, and policies that impact them. Have your views and questions heard.

After the panel discussion, attendees will form small working groups and helped to identify and investigate their own issues, discovering better answers, and ultimately creating an action plan, which they will share with the larger group. (about 90 minutes)

At the end of the session, attendees will be offered an opportunity to form and participate in ongoing action groups to explore and determine solutions for issues of personal concern. These groups will be sponsored by KARA, but will be expected to operate on their own, i.e. establish their own agenda and meeting schedule. KARA in turn will schedule quarterly Roundtables where each of the working groups will have the chance to report out.

Take away:

1. You will have the opportunity to hear (and participate in) a lively discussion about how the different parties view the resources, practices, and people that make up child protection.

2. You can participate in a small work group session that will help you better understand issues.

3. You will learn how to have a greater impact on the system.

4. You will have the opportunity to join an action group committed to exploring and resolving an issue of special importance to you.

Moderator; Neal St. Anthony, Star Tribune

Panel Members:

Pamela Alexander, Former Judge and current President of the MN Council on Crime and Justice

Our Voices Matter – A Youth from the system speaks.

Becky Lourey, Senator and adoptive mother of eight

Glenace Edwall, Head of Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health

Rob Grunewald, Federal Reserve Board co-author (with Art Rolnick) of Early Childhood Development: Economic Development with a High Public Return, and speaker on Early Childhood Programs (Fed Gazette 2003).

KARA (Kids At Risk Action) 501c3 NonProfit, is a resource and conduit for abused and neglected children and the people that love, live with, and work with them.

This website exists to make information easy to find and to facilitate communication while building grassroots support for abused and neglected children and their issues.

KARA’s mission is to advocate for the welfare of at-risk children and youth through the identification and promotion of people, programs, and policies that work.

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  7. When: Tuesday, September 28, 2010
    Location: Will County Boxing Gym
    557 N. Scott St., Joliet, IL
    Time: 5:30pm-7pm

    Discussion- “Making a Difference in Our Society”

    Honorary Speaker: Secretary of State Jesse White

    Special Guests and Speakers:
    Mayor of Bolingbrook, Roger C. Claar
    Will County Clerk, Nancy Schultz-Voots
    Mayor of Channahon, Joe Cook
    Joliet Public Schools Board Member, Antonio Pena
    SOS Children’s Village, Mark R. Dahl
    Superintendent of Schools, Jennifer Bertino

    Will County Boxing Gym is committed to bettering the lives of Will County residents. Programs provided include mentoring, tutoring, anger management, computer resource labs and much more.

    Please join us to discuss ways of improving our society.

    To RSVP
    Contact Valerie Ayertey for more information
    557 N Scott St, Joliet, IL 60432
    (877) 806-4611 (630) 219-1076

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