A few weeks ago I listened to Larry Rosenstock from High Tech High in San Diego talk about his inner city high schools that send one hundred percent of their graduates onto college.


It is real, it is achievable, and it is simple in how it works.


Educators and students are given ample room and incentive to explore the wonders of learning with a caveat that studies be personal and relevant.



Somehow, this formula has taken root and the results are the best that could be dreamed of.



Everyone loves it and everyone succeeds.


There are many reasons but no excuse for why this wonderful way of approaching education is not being replicated throughout the U.S.


All children deserve a shot at being educated and productive members of their community.



Presently our nations inner city graduation rates are between 50 and 60 percent (my high schools sister school, Roosevelt South has graduated under 30 percent of its students for the past 4 years).


America’s school system used to be the envy of the world. Now it is hurting. We should all wish for success for all our children.


Review the High Tech High website, send it to your state Representative/Senator, your governor (if you are in MN = governor@state.mn.us )
We are a representative democracy. Without our input policy making is left to special interests (and we all know how well that works).
Good graduation rates morph into happier people and safer communities. Everybody wins.