Saturday I watched a few hundred committed people gather for “Come Walk for an Abused Child Day” organized by Connie Skillingstad and Prevent Child Abuse MN.

It was a great collaboration of familiar faces. Hard working determined people pouring their time and energy into helping at risk children.

It makes me smile to know that there is no shortage of people wanting to do the right thing.

The energy Connie brings to her mission is something to witness. There are many others just like her, who for years have worked daily to bring positive change into the lives of troubled children.

It’s just a bigger challenge than can be handled without greater support from our surrounding community.

All that needs to happen for significant positive change in the lives of at risk youth is greater public perception and the awakening of our political leaders.

That can only happen if more of us bring more of our attention to the issues (speak, write, and do).

Prevent Child Abuse MN website; Check them out

Support abused and neglected children, start a KARA group in your community

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