I am the Grandmother of Amy* And we are in desperate need of many new/more voice’s of everyone of the grandparents that have lost our right to be able to see our grandchildren! Either because of the other parent getting custody or just because.

Please can you tell me what you know about being able to make the courts listen to the children and what they have to say, no matter what their age!

thank you so much!

We lost our grandaughter to a man who for some sick reason had to …Get even with our daughter! We no longer were able to see or talk to her, now she is dead!

My father has written a letter to the county and wants some answers from them as to why there is not a more indepth look at the background checks of the Other parent! I know this a very shallow explaination, but I am so lost!


* not a real name

This is one of the letters I’ve received from distraught grandparents trying to convince the local courts that their children were neglecting or abusing their own children.  After many years in the child protection system as a guardian ad-Litem, I’m convinced that our systems are overwhelmed and need to be re-thought to include more training, & resources, and better decision making for all involved.

Note, I too have experienced the county returning children to criminally dangerous parents and watching as they destroyed their children.

Copy this post and send it to your state representative

support abused and neglected children, start a KARA group in your community

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  1. Hello Mike. LOVE what you are doing, and have done. Love 2 speak 2 u or someone in your field. I was abandon at age 9 by father, along with 2 younger sister’s. Thanks and god bless.

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