This week I was introduced to Free Arts, an organization that gives painting, dancing, singing, acting and other active Arts participation to abused and neglected children.

I’ve talked with University professors about the ‘one thing’ at risk children can put passion into without fear of rejection. This is a wonderful program directed by a passionate person (Michelle Silverstein).

Abandoned children have an embedded distrust that keeps them from closeness (attachment, love, trust) of others. Early childhood abuse leaves children with constant anxiety, hatred of authority, and a severe distrust of all people, making attachment (love/friendship, even the ability to interact with others) difficult for most and impossible for some at risk children.

Actively experiencing music, theatre, arts, dance, gives abandoned children the opportunity to drop their relentless anxieties and put full energy and passion into something that can’t neglect or hurt them. This program could benefit a great majority of risk children if it were presented on a broad scale.

Children that have experienced success have hope. Working with abandoned children we all know the importance of hope.

Check out this program and recommend it to anyone you know working with at risk children. It is only through our support and understanding that right efforts get the attention they deserve. If one child benefits from this program by your referral, you will have changed a life.