Jeff Weise resembles many of the children in Child Protection I know.  A mother that hated him, Psychotropic medications, repeated examples of self-loathing, talk of suicide and homicide.  Working with neglected and abused children has shown me a part of human development that I could not have otherwise become familiar with.

Normal children overcome feelings of self-hate and inadequacy with the help of parents, teachers, and other adults in their lives.  Abused children can’t trust the adults in their lives. Their own abuse has come from the trusted adults in their lives. These children often resent or hate authority figures as a result of the suffering adults have visited upon them.

Feelings of self-hate and inadequacy consume many of the children I work with as a guardian ad-Litem.

Children removed from their homes have been traumatized by their circumstances. Starved, beaten, and tortured children do not overcome trauma, self-hate, anxiety, and inadequacy without timely intervention and adequate mental health therapy.

Almost all abused children believe they have brought on their own abuse.

Abused children think it was something they did that made daddy do those terrible things. Raped women experience similar feelings—if I had taken another route, or I had been more observant, the terrible thing might not have happened.

My little friends talk to me about “being normal” until they reach a point of hopelessness and despair that leaves them cold to me—and cold to the rest of the people in their lives.

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  1. There was this kid at my skool his name was Matthew Zajac noone liked himm he got picked on alot,got yelled at byy the teachers everyday,and even got beat up a few tims he was in my 7th period then that one day his face lit up and smiled at me and then this girl went up to him and started making fun of him he had a look on his face like it was the happyeist day of his life whrn i stuck up for him but i guess that wasent enough because when he went home is mom and dad was at workk and he was all alone he went outside on his swingset a hung himself ]: he was a great friend,student,brother,and son and mayy he rest in peace he will always be in are head minds but most of all are heart you will be missed Matthew Zajac i will never forget you…..
    I wish he could see how much we missed him all our tears and sadness i wish he could read all the cards we made his mother and father i wish he could see how boring class really is without him he was one of are best friends even if he or we dident kno it he will always be in our hearts and mind we will never forget himm we will never forget him and never forget what he did he was dident hate him even if he think wwe did if we hated him why r we sheading theses tears and wishing he was still here we all for bad for picking on him and him and his family are in our preys R.I.P Matthew James Zajac

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