children down hill having funKARA needs to fill these Volunteer positions:

Campaign Organizer – Plan, build, and manage a campaign to build awareness and receive funding to support ongoing projects.

Program Marketer – Promote our public presence to local communities about our educational program to expand the project’s impact.

Volunteer Recruiter – Find passionate volunteers to fill various roles.

Researcher/Writer – Help KARA keep current with data and stories about issues important to at risk children – local, national and international.

Video editor – KARA needs help telling our stories through video – finding and crafting video messages to effectively deliver critical information.

Volunteer Coordinator – Work with volunteer students and non profit volunteers to execute a successful INVISIBLE CHILDREN program in local communities.



*Note – All positions are remote, except Volunteer Coordinator.


Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Smith, by sending an e-mail to to express your interest in joining us in solidarity to improve lives of at-risk children!


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  1. I have worked for several decades to convince people that children in the juvenile justice system need family services among other things. Prevention involves building strong, healthy families. I have a following and would like to support your org. I was also just asked to become a member of the Sandy Hook promise Advisory Board. Are there things we can do to help promote your ideas?
    Dr. Kathy

  2. KARA,

    I am a writer and former educator looking to volunteer my services as a researcher, writer, and social media content creator. I have had the pleasure of educating at risk youth and would love to offer any of my skills to improve the lives of abused and neglected children.

    Please contact me if you need any of these services.

    Thank you,
    Sean Hedden

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