Speaking Out for At-Risk Kids

Advocating from the Front Lines: Improving Outcomes & Reducing Stress

Teachers, principals and administrators are becoming front line service providers for  student behavioral problems and mental health issues.

Understanding trauma and behaviors that disrupt classrooms and young lives is a first step in improving school achievement and reducing stressful classroom problems..

Designing a presentation that speaks to your school and better ways of dealing with at risk students, Mike helps you define and address what needs to happen to improve attitudes and outcomes for your kids and your school.

Discover the possibilities and the problems needing the most attention in your school and a path to solving them.


Contact mike@invisiblechildren.org for more information about designing a presentation that’s right for your school.


Past presentations include the United Nations, Women’s Prison Warden Conference, DFL Education Foundation, Business Professional Women’s organization, private and public schools, colleges,  & CASA.