Understanding & Advocating for At-Risk Kids

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Advocating from the Front Lines: Improving outcomes and the lives of children


  • A powerful tool for learning and advocacy and especially valuable for future teachers, social and health workers and law enforcement.
  • Advocating from the Front Lines and Improving Outcomes
  • Many of us teaching, living with and working with abused children are unaware of how our behaviors result in more trauma for the child and more trouble in the classroom, foster home and public sphere.
  • The vast majority of children aging out of foster care lead dysfunctional lives, over 1/3 of U.S. children are reported to child protection by their 18thbirthday and 1/3 of our state ward children are forced onto psychotropic medications.
  • The epidemic of generational child abuse is  a growing problem for foster and adoptive families, service providers and throughout our communities.
  • Understanding trauma and dealing effectively with behaviors that disrupt public and private settings and young lives is a first step in improving school achievement and reducing crime and poverty in our communities.
  • Bringing understanding and resources into your community & saving at risk children

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*** Presentations include The United Nations, Women’s Prison Warden Conference, DFL Education Foundation, nationwide business organizations, private and public schools, colleges,  & CASA conferences.

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