KARA’s next book;

INVISIBLE CHILDREN AMERICA is being outlined and researched beginning spring of 2017.  A compilation of stories, studies, perspectives and conditions of child abuse and child protection in America today.  It will be written, published and distributed at no cost to thousands of policy makers, people in child protection, law enforcement, education and administration positions.  $5/month (KARA needs your help to make this work) 

KARA’s documentary;

Modeled on Miss Mari’s foster film from Florida (the most important film about foster care ever)

The password is foster

KARA continues its video investigation of Minnesota’s foster care and child protection systems.  A partnership started with TPT TV began studio interviews of foster and adoptive families, medical and child protection professionals and the journalist who uncovered the details of four year old Eric Dean’s murder after 15 largely ignored reports of abuse by mandated reporters.

KARA needs your help to complete this project 10$/month


KARA’s Public Speaking & Workshops

Create awareness, build support and organize for at risk kids in your community.  Contact Mike@invisiblechildren.org to see if KARA can work for you.

Past presentations include the United Nations, Women’s Prison Warden Conference, DFL Education Foundation, Business Professional Women’s organization, Schools, Colleges & CASA.