Explore these channels for discovering the KARA’S at-risk children’s message;


Speaking / Keynote

Designing a presentation that speaks to your organization/community about conditions and better ways of dealing with at risk students, Mike helps you define and address what needs to happen to improve attitudes and outcomes for your kids and your community.  

Campus Exhibits (NEW)

For campus activity centers and department; KARA creates a low cost powerful visual display series of stories, graphics and news to build awareness and start discussion about the issues facing at risk children in your community. Six month lead time is projected presently.  Can be tailored to events and conditions in your community.

CASA Presentations

CASA volunteers are special people and hard to find. Recruiting and retaining these dedicated selfless people takes effort and planning.

Mike motivates guardians and groups to re-affirm their value, fight the good fight and keep the CASA GAL spirit strong.

At-Risk Advocacy

Generational child abuse, trauma and its associated mental health issues are a large and growing part of America’s social fabric.

Mike Tikkanen’s keynote presentations are designed for your organization and explore the depth and scope of child abuse and child protection in your community with a focus on advocacy and improvement.

Core issues:

  • foster care. child protection services & juvenile justice where you live
  • generational child abuse & parenting skills
  • day care & crisis nursery options
  • childhood traumas, mental health treatment & school
  • building support for advocacy & solutions


KARA continues its video investigation of foster care and child protection systems.  A partnership started with TPT TV began studio interviews of foster and adoptive families, medical and child protection professionals and the journalist who uncovered the details of four year old Eric Dean’s murder after 15 largely ignored reports of abuse by mandated reporters.



INVISIBLE CHILDREN 2005 (Preteen Mothers, Adolescent Felons & what We Can Do About It), INVISIBLE CHILDREN AMERICA is a collaboration of people in the field of child protection, law enforcement/justice, foster/adoption healthcare and education.

INVISIBLE CHILDREN AMERICA will demonstrate the conditions and trends of child abuse and child protection in America today.  This project is being researched, written, published and distributed at no cost to policy makers, people in child protection, law enforcement, education and administration positions.