What will your donation go towards?


Why do we need donations?

    • To provide programs for free or near free to colleges & museums KARA needs your help to create & and deliver these compelling works.

Who will be helped by your donation?

  • At Risk Children in the local community who don’t have a voice
  • Nonprofit child friendly organizations (Big Brothers/Big Sisters, CASA guardian ad-litems and others) will find new volunteers and help more children.
  • College students & community members will learn and pass on the message of child abuse and trauma informed awareness to others that will help at risk children long after the exhibit has moved on.
  • Building a stronger community helps children and the families next door.


KARA Donation Form (pdf)

Mail your check & donation form to:

Kids At Risk Action (KARA)
Kids At Risk Action (KARA)
P.O. Box 4091
Hopkins, MN 55343

We will acknowledge your donation via letter for tax purposes.