What’s it like for stressed out families living with the profound and immediate changes that keep our children out of school, parents out of work and the pervasive fear of the Covid19 virus? United Nations Secretary General warned that we are seeing a horrifying global surge in domestic violence and is urging leaders to include protective measures in their pandemic plans.

In the U.S., social distancing, stay at home orders and fear are driving up 911 calls and police departments are having a hard time responding adequately.  Some departments have found it impossible to keep up.

In France, the government is paying for hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence and providing pop-up counseling centres due to the soaring numbers of abuse calls.

American police deal more effectively with domestic abuse than French police, but all of our service providers are being pushed to their limits and we will need to start conversations about options and better answers as the disease drives more people to violence and dysfunctional behaviors.  Jail solves nothing and human and financial costs of incarceration are astronomical in America already.

April is Prevent Child Abuse month.  The sad reality is that many more families will be overwhelmed by the extended lockdowns in our apartments and homes and without coping skills to manage their lives safely in this environment.  Alcohol and drugs are not the friends of children especially in these times.

These ACEs related articles shed light on trauma informed resources, ACEs building resilience and answers to the hard questions of how to live in a Covid19 world.  This article demonstrates a powerful approach to saving children locked in toxic homes through best practices of school procedures of distance learning.

KARA’s April project to prevent child abuse needs your help

creating Public Service Announcements

elevating awareness and engaging our communities

in helping at risk children though these hard times





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