Understanding & Advocating for At-Risk Kids during the Covid19 Virus Outbreak.  UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres calls attention to the alarming pattern of child abuse resulting from the lockdowns and school closings of the virus pandemic.

Invite this powerful interactive discussion to the members of your business, community, religious and campus organization online meetings.  (Free – Share this widely)

Advocating from the Front Lines: Elevating awareness and improving the lives of at risk children stuck in troubled homes unable to find the safe space of school or other sheltered places to escape to.


  • KARA’s INVISIBLE CHILDREN online conversation engages your group in a powerful discussion for learning and advocacy for saving at risk children that are suffering tremendously during the Covid19 virus lockdowns.
  • The epidemic of generational child abuse and domestic violence is a growing problem throughout our communities and is being exacerbated by the stresses of lockdowns and troubled families living in close quarters.
  • Understanding trauma and dealing effectively with behaviors that disrupt public and private settings and young lives is a first step in improving school achievement and reducing crime and poverty in our communities. We all have a stake in saving the child that lives next door.
  • Bringing understanding and resources into your community & saving at risk children builds strong community and public safety.

Contact Mike Tikkanen: mike@invisiblechildren.org for more information about speaking and designing a presentation that’s right for your organization.


*** Past presentations include The United Nations, Women’s Prison Warden Conference, DFL Education Foundation, nationwide business organizations, private and public schools, colleges,  & CASA conferences.

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