Child Abuse Statistics (& why 100 million Americans have a criminal record)

This breathtaking Aspen Ideas interview describes points out the statistical realities of mental health public policies are overwhelming American institutions of law enforcement, public safety and public health.

Chicago Sheriff Thomas Dart points out his jails are the second largest provider of mental health services in the nation.

Jails and prisons now hold ten times more mentally ill patients than hospitals do

25 to 40% of the mentally ill will spend time in prisons and jails

So Many Foster Homes – So Many Schools (in the life of a foster child)

There is a social work program at work in Britain where a team of workers engages the child and the family where possible and stay for the duration. This, and the possibility of a permanent school connection would do more for healing and making an abandoned child feel connected more than all the money, all the programs and all the drugs that we are using today.