Have you thought, “people need to see or hear this” when experiencing a powerful video or radio interview or story about how children are treated in America?

KARA wants to include those links in a child abuse / child protection exhibit we are sending for free to colleges around the nation.  Take a minute to fire off an email to info@invisiblechildren.org with video link or audio link in the subject line and the link included along with a few words about the nature of the piece.  Nothing we do for children is ever wasted.




  1. My husband and I were surprised to lose our foster care license after 20+ years but even more concerned to hear that California is changing the way they license foster homes and because they made this change without providing funds for home studies and other training/evaluation procedures and not one home has been licensed in Alameda County so children are placed out of county here and I would imagine in many California counties. This will soon be an even more horrendous problem for the already overly traumatized children in foster care.

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