If you live and Minnesota and are willing to make time for one trip a year to the Capital in St Paul to speak for a child, there is nothing more meaningful that you could do for at risk children than volunteer with Safe Passage for Children of Minnesota.  The appointment with your state legislator/s is arranged by Safe Passage for Children and you are provided a brief outline of the key issues facing abused children for you to share with your legislator.

Meeting time is seldom over 15 minutes but that will be enough time for you to show commitment to children and share the most critical information available with someone who can make a difference in the lives of the children you are advocating for.

Your state legislators actually do listen to you and they care what you have to say. Without your 15 minutes of child advocacy, legislators have little insight into the issues facing abused and neglected children.  After all, children have no voice in the homes they are raised in, the media or government (they can’t vote).

Thank you Safe Passage for another powerful day on the hill

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children

Capitol Allies

Safe Passage and our partners – MinneMinds and the Targeted Home Visiting Coalition – aren’t alone in advocating for children this legislative session. Here’s what some other colleagues are proposing. Their bills and Days on the Hill are here.
Voices and Choices for Children is leaders from American Indian and communities of color promoting early childhood development, including more subsidized child care, credentialing changes to bring more people of color into the field, and funding for start-ups.
NAACP Child Protection Committee is raising awareness of racial disparities in child welfare and developing legislation to increase African American foster care providers.
ASPIRE wants to expand services to foster children 18-21.
Children’s Law Center has a bill to inform children of their right to a lawyer.
These partners deserve our support!

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