KARA Is Unable To Provide Direct Services

July 14, 2015 in Kids At Risk Action (KARA), Resources by Mike Tikkanen

A Family Dinner Guatemala sytleDear Readers, KARA regularly receives requests for help from families and children about child protection and child protective services that we are unable to help you with (we do not have the staff).

Please use our Links Button to find the services you need as we have invested time and energy into researching this area.  If you find remarkable services that we do not have listed, please share them with us and we will post them on our site.  Call your State Representatives and let them know how hard this is and give them ideas for what needs to change (use articles from KARA to educate them and support your argument – you will find over 800 articles at this site and they are searchable by category) Best wishes,  Kids At Risk Action Team