Guatemalan BoyWhy would a guardian ad litem make $150,000 suppressing evidence, Why would a custody evaluator make $65,000 on a case where the evidence was overwhelming?

Apparently, to prevent a child from being protected against the man who had twice been arrested for molesting her.  Five independent assessments supported the girls story of repeated abuse.

Atlanta judge John Goger ordered the girl to live with her pedophile father.  When asked by CBS Atlanta News, the judges assistant stated that the judge had “no comment”.

This kind of abuse lasts forever.  Someone should comment.

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Protestors: Judges are putting children back with abusers

Posted: Jul 08, 2013 5:46 PM CDTUpdated: Jul 08, 2013 6:03 PM CDT

By Jeff Chirico – email
ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) -About two dozen protestors held signs and wore neon green shirts that read “Shame on you, Judge Goger” and “Shame on you, Judge Lane” as they marched outside the Fulton County Courthouse Monday.Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger came under fire because of a recent order requiring a 10-year-old girl to live with her father, who was twice arrested for abusing her in a recent custody hearing.

CBS Atlanta News is not using the names of the parties to protect the child.

The mother of the girl told CBS Atlanta News reporter Jeff Chirico that she believes the judge did not consider the evidence and was influenced by her ex-husband’s attorney.

Criminal charges against the girl’s father were dropped for lack of evidence, but according to court records and the mother, five independent assessments supported the girl’s story of repeated abuse.

Despite the allegations, the custody evaluator and court-appointed guardian ad litem, recommended the child be placed in the father’s home because the mother was subconsciously “re victimizing” the child.

Deb Beacham, executive director of My Advocate Center, a resource group on child custody issues, said this isn’t the only case in which a judge has placed a child back with his or her alleged abuser.

She said she believes judges sometimes consider their relationships with attorneys rather than what is in the best interest of the child.

“The judges are loyal to the relationships they have with attorneys and custody experts rather than heeding the evidence of the case and the needs of the children,” said Beacham.

According to Beacham, the guardian ad litem in the case of the 10-year-old girl has charged the family $150,000 for his services.

“Why would a guardian ad litem make $150,000 suppressing evidence? Why would a custody evaluator make $65,000 on a case where the evidence is overwhelming?” asked Beacham.

“They don’t need to make that kind of money, when they’re preventing a child from being protected.”

Goger’s judicial assistant told CBS Atlanta News that he has no comment.

Protestors also railed Goger’s fellow family court judge, Bensonetta Lane, for recent rulings that they said put children in danger and hurt relationships between children and a parent.

One father, who wanted to remain anonymous, said Lane drastically slashed his custodial time given by a judge in another state “to zero. For no reason. I didn’t see my children for a whole month.”

“It is strictly politics, hidden influence, backroom dealings,” said Beacham.

She said she is asking Goger to sit down with the evidence and the experts that did the forensic evaluations.

“We can’t hide evidence. We can’t hide damage to children,” said Beacham.

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  1. Be careful when you try to influence or threaten a judge. For every person who called Judge Goger’s chambers to say “the world and the FBI are watching you”, I can guarantee you that the FBI is now watching you. Whatever the goal is that you are trying to accomplish, that strategy is *not* a winner. Also, you should check your facts before you jump on a bandwagon. In this case, you are fighting for the wrong side.

  2. Dear Invisible Children,

    I was there. I read the pleadings, the transcripts, the police reports and observed every court hearing and what happened outside the courtroom. I am not an activist and did not protest. I studied and reported what I observed. I was deposed, put on the stand and attempts to intimidate me into silence were made. The CBS news reporter and I were accused in court by the father’s attorneys of a “conspiracy,” I guess because we asked questions?

    The person who posted “Might want a new strategy” reads like it was written by the father’s wife, a former Miss Georgia who allegedly lobbies for the pawn shop industry. That post is in keeping with her sending me a photo Christmas card of her family to my home during this case. Classy.

    There were hundreds of people – men and women – watching this case and blown away by what the custody experts and the child’s therapist Danielle Levy were doing to this child. The therapist in control of this child’s messages stated in open court that she doesn’t believe her patient is “credible” and therefore does not need protection. Tears were flowing in this courtroom as this therapist, a former advocate who was highly regarded in advocacy circles, betrayed this young girl.

    I was not among those who called or emailed the court or wore shirts or carried signs calling out judges and experts who suppressed evidence to protect the father and exploit the child. I was there to document and report, and while doing my job I was put under an order that prohibits me from mentioning the parties names publicly. So I cannot talk about the Cadillac dealership owner, his political contributions or mention his wife’s name when referring to the SWAT team that was called to the country club home the evening before a hearing.

    What I can tell you is that the child is still INVISIBLE to the courts and to law enforcement, and her voice is SILENT as she now knows that there is no point in asking for help or making an outcry of abuse. That is a crying shame, and tears are still being shed for this girl and for her family members who have given everything to protect her.

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